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AutoX: Democratizing Autonomy with Latest LiDAR Technology

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Author: Livox Pioneer | Time: 2020-11-24 16:53:06 | Autonomous driving|
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AutoX: Democratizing Autonomy with Latest Livox LiDAR Technology

2020-01-05  "We've been testing and using a great number of lidar sensors available on the market and we are excited to find one that offers a good combination of performance, realibity and cost," said Jianxiong Xiao also known as Professor X, the CEO and Founder of AutoX. “We are excited to see Livox is redefining the lidar market with their innovative technology and I am glad to announce that AutoX will be using Horizon and Tele-15 in our new robotaxi fleets in 2020."
  While many have hesitated whether Livox LiDAR sensors have sufficient frequency and field of view, or whether their point cloud scanning is compatible with unique or complex algorithms, pioneers in the autonomous driving industries have already begun to integrate Livox LiDAR sensors with their products. AutoX is leading the way forward for the self-driving automobile industry.
  AutoX is focusing on the development of L4 and higher autonomous driving technology and aims to build a universal self-driving platform for automobile enterprises in mass production. AutoX is the second company in the world to obtain a California Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permit. Currently, up to 100 AutoX RoboTaxis are running tests in ten cities around the world, including Shenzhen, Shanghai, and San Jose.
  AutoX and Livox share many similarities when it comes to mission and motivation. The mission of AutoX is to enable self-driving technology and services for ordinary people, while Livox aims to promote large-scale business applications of LiDAR sensors, bringing this technology to more users in more places. Both companies were established in 2016 with the target of mass production-oriented technology development, and both have achieved major breakthroughs.
  For too long, the LiDAR sensor industry developed at a slow pace due to high costs and low production efficiency. Livox is dedicated to solving these problems by providing high-quality LiDAR sensors that fit easily into a wide variety of scenarios. We hope to form a powerful collaboration with AutoX to accelerate the development of autonomous driving. We are convinced that large-scale business applications for self-driving technology will become a reality in the near future.

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