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Automatic Calibration for Livox LiDAR and Camera from ACSC

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Author: Carpe_Diem | Time: 2020-12-4 15:04:05 | HORIZON|
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Posted on 2020-12-4 15:04:05| All floors |Read mode
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I just came across this article from ACSC and figure it might be useful for somebody.


Abstract: Recently, the rapid development of Solid-State LiDAR (SSL) enables low-cost and efficient obtainment of 3D point clouds from the environment, which has inspired a large quantity of studies and applications. However, the non-uniformity of its scanning pattern, and the inconsistency of the ranging error distribution bring challenges to its calibration task. In this paper, we proposed a fully automatic calibration method for the non-repetitive scanning SSL and camera systems. First, a temporal-spatial-based geometric feature refinement method is presented, to extract effective features from SSL point clouds; then, the 3D corners of the calibration target (a printed checkerboard) are estimated with the reflectance distribution of points. Based on the above, a target-based extrinsic calibration method is finally proposed. We evaluate the proposed method on different types of LiDAR and camera sensor combinations in real conditions, and achieve accuracy and robustness calibration results. The code is available at:

Check the full text here:

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