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All Livox Products Are Compatible with Autoware Platform

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Author: Livox Pioneer | Time: 2020-12-7 11:42:59 |
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Recently, Livox officially launched its Livox_autoware_driverautonomous driving software, which can be downloaded directly from GitHub ( Now all Livox products are compatible with the Autoware platform.

As an autonomous driving open-source platform, Autoware.AI is the first All-in-One open-source software for autonomous driving technology. Widely recognized around the world, Autoware.AI runs on more than 30 different vehicle models from over 100 companies.

Livox developed its autonomous driving softwareLivox_autoware_driver based on Autoware and Livox_ros_driver. This softwareintegrates Livox’s LiDAR driver Livox_ros_driver into the Autoware platform,allowing users to easily connect to Livox LiDAR in Autoware and perform timesynchronization between multiple LiDAR devices. With a connection to the LiDARproducts, users can make use of the mapping, localization, detection, and routeplanning functions by configuring different modules in Autoware based on the point cloud data scanned by Livox LiDAR. In addition, users can easily perform these functions based on recorded ros bag data simply by importing external references and selecting configuration files with Livox_autoware_driver.

The following example shows the entire relocation process withLivox_autoware_driver.

01. Experimental Hardware Configuration
o  Portable carrier platform
o  PC with Ubuntu 16.04 x 1
o  Livox Horizon x 5, Livox Hub x 1, switch x 1, connecting cables

o  Install and commission Livox_autoware_driver: Follow the instructions at install Livox_autoware_driver and complete connection and commissioning of the LiDAR.
o  Prepare external reference files for the LiDAR devices to be used.
o  Prepare point cloud maps in .pcd format (In this example, we use the ndt_mapping module of Autoware to create the map, as shown in the video below).

video 01: Generating Point Cloud Maps with the ndt_mapping Module of Autoware

02. Relocation with Livox_autoware_driver
By preloading the point cloud map, connecting to Livox lidar, and configuring the localization function in the software, Livox_autoware_driver can accurately locate itself when the vehicle is running.

Video 2: Relocation Configuration Process of Livox_autoware_driver

Video 3: Relocation Effect of Livox_autoware_driver

As shown in the videos above, the point clouds output by the five Livox Horizonare well synchronized and matched to the map to precisely locate the vehicle With the help of Livox_autoware_driver, Livox rotating mirror-type solid-state LiDAR can replace traditional mechanical radar via simple configuration and algorithm transplant, greatly improving the stability and reliability of intelligent driving solutions by means of low-cost switching. Thecompatibility of Livox datasets with Autoware will provide stable and reliabletechnical support for smart driving R&D institutions and enterprises. Inaddition to providing greater convenience for the smart driving industry, Livoxwill also be committed to provide datasets, open-source algorithms and improvedplatform compatibility. Focused on both hardware and software development, wewill facilitate customer development to create a better smart drivingecosystem.

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