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Georeferencing Software

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Author: Madnadir | Time: 2021-1-24 12:58:39 | AVIA|
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Posted on 2021-1-24 12:58:39From mobile phones | All floors |Read mode
Hello everyone,

I have completed my raw lidar georeferencing software and I’m offering it up for sale to interested users. I know a good bit of folks are trying to put together their own UAV mapping systems with the livox units and they may not have the experience to get it georeferenced. The software itself has a very simple GUI interface and currently runs on Windows. I can package it up for Linux or Mac if need be. The cost is considerably lower (~50%) than other comparable software on the market.

What it does:
- Georeferences raw timestamped livox data
- PPK raw UAV gnss data for use in georeferencing
- Applies user-provided angular and/or xyz offsets
- Point cloud thinning
- Point cloud colorization
- Strip alignment

Feel free to reach out via email if you have any questions.

Mad Nadir

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