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Livox 软件、驱动、开源算法 / Livox Software、Ros driver、algorithm

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Author: Harold_zhang | Time: 2020-12-8 20:39:51 | Autonomous driving|
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1 Livox 上位机 / Livox Software
1.1 上位机软件下载 / Livox lidar software download
资料说明/ Description:
        Livox Viewer 0.10.0 (64bit) – Windows 7 / 10
        Livox Viewer 0.10.0 (64bit) – Ubuntu 16.04 / 18.04

1.2 Livox Viewer 用户手册 / Livox Viewer user manual
2 Livox SDK / Ros driver
2.1 SDK下载链接 / SDK download
资料说明 / Description:
     支持Windows 7/10 64bit / Ubuntu 16.04 / 18.04 64bit
     Support Windows 7/10 64bit / Ubuntu 16.04 / 18.04 64bit

2.2 ROS平台的Livox ros driver / Livox ros driver on ROS platform
资料说明 / Description:
     在ROS平台上使用的Livox 雷达驱动的安装和使用指南
     Livox driver on ROS platform and the installation and user guide

2.3 SDK通讯协议和数据格式 / SDK Communication protocol and data format
资料说明 / Description:
        通讯协议格式 / Communication protocol
        同步和时间戳格式 / Time synchronization and timestamp data format
        点云数据格式 / Point cloud data format
        雷达状态代码参考 / Lidar status code references

3 开源算法/ Open source algorithm
3.1 Livox_Mapping
   It’s a mapping package for Livox LiDARs. The package currently contains the basic functions of low-speed mapping.

3.2 Horizon_Highway_Slam
   It’s a robust, low drift, and real time highway SLAM package suitable for the LivoxHorizonlidar, which is a high-performance LiDAR sensor built for Level 3 and Level 4 autonomous driving.

3.3 Livox-Horizon-LOAM
   It’s a robust, low drift, and real time odometry and mapping package for Livox LiDARs, significant low cost and high performance LiDARs that are designed for massive industrials uses. Our package is mainly designed for low-speed scenes(~5km/h)

3.4 Livox_Camera_Lidar_Calibration
   This solution provides a method for manually calibrating the extrinsic parameters between Livox LiDAR and camera, which has been verified on series Mid-40, Horizon and Tele-15.

3.5 Livox_Detection
   Livox Detection is a robust,real time detection package for Livox LiDARs. The detector is designed for L3 and L4 autonomous driving. It can effectively detect within 200*100m range under different vehicle speed conditions(0~120km/h).

3.6 Livox_Automatic_Calibration
   This technology mainly relies on the isomorphic constraint assumption model of the environment to realize automatic calibration, and only needs to use the original point cloud data of the base LiDAR and target LiDAR.


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